Project Management Meets Product Data Management: a Global Business Data Rollout Success Story

Enhancing global presence through centralized, efficient data management

Project Management Meets Product Data Management: a Global Business Data Rollout Success Story

Enhancing global presence through centralized, efficient data management


Our client, a locally-driven company with global ambitions, faced significant challenges in managing product data across their operations spanning more than 30 countries. With limited resources and a lack of expertise in product data management, tools, and processes, they sought a solution that would not only address their immediate needs but also lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. The objective was clear yet challenging: to centralize and streamline product data management processes across their international operations, thereby enhancing their global market strategy.

The project’s scope was comprehensive, covering everything from establishing processes and documentation to upskilling local teams. Our goal was to not only deliver high-quality content on time but also to empower local teams with the knowledge and tools necessary for long-term success.

Ambitions & Challenges

The client faced several hurdles:

  • Complex Organizational Structure: Managing a global project with over 30 countries presented a unique set of challenges due to the varied local differences in company structure.
  • Resource Limitations: Continuously changing and tight resources led to a lack of internal knowledge transfer, impacting project efficiency.
  • Inconsistent Global Strategy: Absence of a unified global market strategy resulted in content structure disparities.
  • Data Management Knowledge Gap: The lack of expertise in handling product databases hindered internal initiatives to update and manage product data effectively.

The Solution

To meet our client’s diverse needs, our approach included:

  • Centralized Project Management: Recognizing the multifaceted nature of the client’s challenges, we spearheaded the project management efforts, ensuring that every aspect of the project was aligned with the overarching goals and timelines.
  • Upskilling and Process Development: We focused on developing a robust system for updating product data, which included creating comprehensive documentation and conducting extensive training for the local teams. This approach not only addressed the immediate needs but also equipped the local teams with the skills necessary for ongoing success.
  • Collaborative and Proactive Management: Our close collaboration with the client’s teams and proactive management approach ensured timely delivery of product data, adherence to deadlines, and gradual reduction in the need for extensive external support.
  • Long-Term Strategy Formulation: We assisted in formulating strategies for the sustainable management and updating of product data, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and relevance across all countries.

Our strategy was designed to revolutionize the client’s approach to product data management, enhancing efficiency, and positioning them for future growth.

Years taken

Countries Rolled out in

Key Accomplishments 

Our targeted project management approach led to significant and quantifiable achievements:

  • Timely Global Rollout: Achieved the rollout and update of product data across more than 30 countries within a span of 2 years.
  • Upskilling Across Borders: Successfully upskilled local teams in over 30 countries, enhancing their ability to manage and update product data independently, which reflects a substantial improvement in internal capabilities and knowledge transfer.
  • Process Standardization and High-Quality Data: Established standardized content and processes, resulting in a high-quality level of product data. This standardization was pivotal in ensuring consistency and accuracy across multiple markets.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Streamlined resources for efficient workstreams, leading to more effective and sustainable use of both human and technical resources in product data management.
  • Scalable Solutions for Future Growth: Laid the groundwork for the client’s expansion, with a scalable and adaptable project management framework that can be replicated in additional markets, thereby enhancing the overall scalability and impact of the project.