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Effective change management in the digitalization of internal processes

Published: 5. November 2019

Digitalization means many changes for companies, and suddenly demands are created that many companies are unprepared for. Change and conversion are always a challenge, especially the implementation and communication of new processes. Successful change management can help here. Change management does not mean merely introducing changes directly, but also supervising this process from the initial [...]

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Social Media für B2B – 10 Tipps

Published: 28. August 2019

Social media marketing has become an integral part of advertising for a variety of businesses, but for many of them, it is still considered as a typical B2C domain. Here you will find 10 tips which will show you how you can make good use of it for your B2B company.     1. The [...]

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The 3 most important success factors in content marketing

Published: 15. February 2019

Content marketing is an important component of  online marketing. Several factors are important for successful content marketing. We will show you the 3 most important success factors for good, targeted content marketing.

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Attract Your Target Groups With the Business Avatar

Published: 15. February 2019

A business avatar can help you to define your target audience effectively. You develop a fictive, virtual person who represents your ideal client and at whom you aim your marketing.

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Website optimization with SWOT analyses

Published: 7. February 2019

A SWOT analysis is a popular and well-known instrument in strategic marketing and is usually used to indentify influencing factors. But a SWOT analysis can do more than this: It is also an excellent tool for analyzing and optimizing websites. What is a SWOT analysis? A SWOT analysis can identify internal and external influencing factors […]

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B2B vs. B2C Marketing

Published: 6. February 2019-Tags: B2B Online Marketing

Is there really a difference between B2B and B2C marketing? After all, both B2B and B2C use marketing to reach people. That is correct, but do people in a B2B company make their decisions in the same way as a private customer does?

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Website relaunch – the 12 most important steps

Published: 6. February 2019

You need to relaunch your website? Then you need a strategy. We can give you a concept whereby you can reach your goal in 12 steps.

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Success factors for international website rollouts

Published: 6. February 2019

Your products convince customers both in Germany and internationally and you have managed to establish your company worldwide. In order to ensure that you can hold your own on the market in the long term, you must be present on the international web. Plan your international web presence.

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