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China – a giant B2B market

Published: 17. November 2020

With around 1.4 billion inhabitants, China offers enormous market potential not only for B2C, but also for B2B companies. "Made in Germany" counts here as a true seal of approval. Nevertheless as a foreign company wishing to establish itself successfully in China, it is important to consider some points. Read here how the chinese market [...]

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Does your brand have an answer to the digital shift?

Published: 8. October 2020

The "German Brand Monitor 2019/2020" shows surprising results for this survey, according to which, ensuring consistent brand management across all channels is a top priority, but still something which companies very often neglect. Almost 300 brand managers and decision-makers from companies with annual sales of between 10 million and 5 billion euros, mainly from the [...]

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Working from home – an employee’s view

Published: 31. August 2020

During the Corona lockdown, many of us recently were forced to try out working at home. But is this really practicable just for an emergency? Or do we want to do that in normal times, too? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working at home? Read an employee's report here: When I drop my [...]

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Opportunities in the crisis

Published: 22. June 2020

There have been crises throughout the history of mankind and many people have suffered from the consequences of wars, natural catastrophes and disease over the centuries. We are currently living with Covid-19 in an unprecedented situation. In order to protect health and lives of the population, public life was reduced to an absolute minimum and [...]

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Dos and Don’ts for modern SEO

Published: 11. May 2020

Keywords used to be central to SEO. However, these days the index practices of search engines, in particular those of top dog Google, are very different. An SEO strategy which relies purely on keywords is no longer expedient and in focusing too strongly on keywords, other important aspects are forgotten. Search engines are constantly evolving [...]

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Strategic planning for structuring master data

Published: 1. April 2020

Strategy and planning are the cornerstones of every well-organized database. The planning process is known as data modeling and the subsequent product, which provides the basis for your master database, as a data model. Planning should be thorough in order to keep track of things at all times. Your database and its datasets are based [...]

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Global master data – uniformity and standards

Published: 11. March 2020

In these times of globalization, it is becoming more and more important, particularly for large multinational companys, to create tighter links between their international departments or subsidiaries, and this includes their data. Many processes within a company are now conducted in different departments in several countries, which means an increase in the demands on the [...]

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Advance planning when defining mandatory fields

Published: 22. January 2020

Proactive planning is not only important when setting up client databases as part of your master data, but also when handling data relating to your products and suppliers. The digital infrastructure for your databases comes from external IT-providers or your IT department, but ultimately, it is the operative areas throughout your concern which are responsible [...]

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Quality assurance in master data maintenance

Published: 12. November 2019

The volume of data that companies process is growing steadily: digitalization and the Internet of Things as well as Big Data lead to large numbers of datasets flowing into IT systems. It is, therefore, extremely important to be able to process and save these methodically because poor data quality has a negative impact on your […]

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Effective change management in the digitalization of internal processes

Published: 5. November 2019

Digitalization means many changes for companies, and suddenly demands are created that many companies are unprepared for. Change and conversion are always a challenge, especially the implementation and communication of new processes. Successful change management can help here. Change management does not mean merely introducing changes directly, but also supervising this process from the initial [...]

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