Digital Data Transformation

Industry 4.0 is with us: How do you want to adapt to the new challenges?

Industry 4.0, what does that mean for my company? The most important keywords for the fourth industrial revolution are automation, digitalization and linking. Keep up with the times – with our help.

Build your customer communication into a uniform concept!
Databases help keep all your information together and ensure a smooth customer journey.

At YUNAVA we help you to make your product and customer data adaptable. Your data and that of your customers is valuable – so you should treat it safely and properly!

Digitalization and Industry 4.0

In the past, many user-focused solutions for B2B companies were characterized by the silo mentality: one solution, one strategy. The digitalization, connection and mobilization of our society provides huge potential for embracing new ways of thinking. With industry 4.0, this change in our way of thinking is now unavoidable. Sustainable, strongly linked solutions which ensure consistent customer journeys are now in demand.

Your data basis is central to these changes. We at YUNAVA assist you with database harmonization, because only if you have all your important data in one place and are able to filter and find needed data, are you able to make these changes. Your data has many links in its content, let us help you to link it digitally as well!

For your future as a B2B company, it is essential to make your data flexible and adaptable. View the solutions which affect your customers as a whole – transform your customer journey and make it consistent. We will help you with every step.

Data Security and Data Protection

The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation is also a reason why you should collect and harmonize your data. Your customers now have the right to demand all the data you have collected about them or make you delete it.

Clean databases which can be used throughout all business units, from marketing to sales, lessen the risk of violating the regulation. If a customer wants his or her data deleted but deactivation of the newsletter has been forgotten, this is a breach of EU law. Clean databases can prevent this.

The motto is: collect, filter, harmonize and secure. Secure not only your customers’ privacy, but also your company and its data.

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