Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Make it easy for your customers to find you.

Your website is not found as often as you would like it to be? You can change that with a few simple measures known as search engine optimization or “SEO”.

We assist you in adapting your content as much as possible to suit search engines like Google, so you and your company can be more easily found by both potential and existing clients.

We also assist with finding the right keywords for your target audience and implementing them. Exact keywords help to boost your ranking in the search engines’ result pages.

SEO for B2B – What’s important?

As a B2B company, it is of utmost importance to show internet presence. Contacts are still the most important part of acquisition, but is is imperative to make and maintain these contacts online. In order to achieve this, you should be easy to find on the net.

The quality of your web presence is also important. The search algorithms and socalled crawlers of search engines like Google no longer just search for keywords or look at the link density of your page, but place importance on your content, just as your clients do.

We at YUNAVA check your website for all the important SEO factors, including keywords and their positioning, text length and content, entries in specialist portals and indices, and the source code of the page. The structure of your online presence plays an important role in your ranking in the search results.

Attract customers with targeted content

Good content is invaluable: Reach out to your customers with targeted content, gain their trust and deliver solutions. In contrast to advertising, content marketing uses high quality informative content instead of adverts to increase your reach in your target audience.

This can take the form of technical case studies, exciting blog entries, well-prepared infographics or informative advisory texts. Make the most of this marketing format. Reach a wider audience through valuable, well-prepared and interesting content, which solves customers’ problems, helps them achieve their business goals, but also creates customer loyalty.

Good content is not just important for your customers: search engines look for content which appeals to users and which gives added value. In recent years, the idea of good content for both search engines and customers has become almost identical – use this possibility to boost your ranking on Google and co.

Marketing Automation

Suited to your target audience, effective, easy. Use the chances of marketing automation for tailoring to a multitude of online channels.

This will help you to follow the trend of your customers’ increasing digital consumption patterns. In recent years, the rapid increase in the number of laptops, tablets and smartphones has changed customers’ expectations: fast and individualized information on demand is required.

We will help you to use the new possibilities of communication, for example by automatically sending recurring messages. Use your customer data and send your customers individualized messages, suited to their needs. You can, for example, automatically generate a mail to ask whether a customer is happy with a purchase or to congratulate business partners on their birthdays. This improves your relationship with your customers and promotes customer loyalty.

Limited time support

Bridging bottlenecks in online marketing: We support you if you need short-term assistance in online marketing, for example to carry out a short-term project. You can also gain time finding the right candidate for a vacant position.

We have many years of experience in a variety of small and large projects in various B2B areas and understand and adapt to new tasks quickly. Another advantage we can offer your company is our availability at short notice.

At the beginning of the project, we coordinate the tasks on site with you, determine the timing and milestones and then inform you in regular reports and telephone conferences about the current project progress.

In-house SEO Workshops

We offer our customers individual, practically oriented SEO workshops on-site. This is crucial for an optimal and efficient search engine optimisation. Before a workshop, we analyze your website and agree on the concrete topics and content for the workshop.

The goal of every workshop is to provide a maximum knowledge and know-how-transfer. At the beginning of the workshop, an introduction gives everyone a basic understanding of the subject, so that all participants begin with the same level of knowledge.

We then show which on-page and off-page optimizations you could use to boost your ranking in the search engines. We show what is important for SEO, which approach would work for you on the web and how you can optimize your project in the best way possible. Talk to us and tell us about your goals! We can help you to reach them with our SEO workshop.

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