Social Media für B2B – 10 Tipps

Social media marketing has become an integral part of advertising for a variety of businesses, but for many of them, it is still considered as a typical B2C domain. Here you will find 10 tips which will show you how you can make good use of it for your B2B company.



1. The target audience
First of all, you have to think about who you want to reach. As different target groups have different concerns, a business avatar or audience analysis can help define your audience so that you provide exact solutions for their needs.

2. Mobile First
Although your customers mainly act on behalf of a company, privately they use their mobile phones just like B2C customers. By reaching them in their private sphere, for example on Facebook or Instagram, you can make an impression on the representatives of your target group using small impulses, thus influencing their behavior in the business environment.

3. Attract attention
In our fast-moving society, we need content that sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd in order to appeal. Well-prepared infographics or short videos can help encourage your target audience to read on.

4. Maintain continuity
A single post is not enough. Keep the flow of information and content going so that your customers do not forget you. Even before they ask for more information about you, your potential customers should be able to get an idea of your services or products from reading your posts.

5. Offer added value
Bland advertising no longer excites anyone – and certainly not B2B target group representatives. Keep in mind that your potential customers have a high level of knowledge about their domain. Show your expertise and demonstrate to your target audience why your services and products are the perfect solution to your customers’ problems.

6. Brand perception
It not only makes sense for B2C companies to worry about the perception of their brand, it is also possible for B2B target group representatives to identify with your company. The buzzword “Brand Experience” provides a clue here: If potential or existing customers are positively impressed when dealing with your company, this will be reflected in your conversion rate.

7. Show your true colors
Show your prospective customers who you are and what sets your company apart! Personal communication is the alpha and omega for B2B businesses, as many buying decisions are also subconsciously influenced by the personal impression you leave. Adding a personal touch to your social media communication, such as insights into your business, encourage customers to make contact.

8. Emotions
Even though purchasing decisions in B2B markets are often made very rationally, the people who make those decisions are still people. The “gut feeling” can, therefore, make a lot of difference. Surprising posts, appealing colors or presenting benefits rather than features can affect that gut feeling. If you arouse positive emotions in your customers and prospective customers, they are more likely to decide on you.

9. Business Networks
It is essential that you do not lose sight of classic B2B platforms like LinkedIn or Xing. Although your customers use social networks more often privately, business networks still play a major role. Use these platforms to connect with potential customers!

10. The blog
Once you have the attention of your potential customers, you should take the opportunity to show your expertise. Share short Facebook or Instagram posts on your blog! Blog posts give you the possibility to present detailed problem solutions and processes, and thus convince your prospective customers of your products and services. Provide opportunities to interact with your posts, for example through sharing buttons.

B2C-company or B2B-company – it is always the people whose attention you need to draw to your company and your products. Social media is a very good way to get in touch with your customers and prospects and show expertise. It depends on your target audience which channels you should use and which content is effective.

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