Success factors for international website rollouts

Your products convince customers both in Germany and internationally and you have managed to establish your company worldwide. In order to ensure that you can hold your own on the market in the long term, you must be present on the international web. Plan your international web presence.

1. Planning, project management and process centralization

As with every project, planning is an important factor to ensure success. Without experience, an international rollout can be difficult and expensive. Enlist the help of an experienced project manager who is used to implementing international website rollouts. Our expert will be the contact person for everyone involved in the rollout project, from start to finish. You as the client will receive regular reports on the status quo of the rollout, thus guaranteeing transparency.

Use the synergistic effect and centralize the rollout process from the start. Imagine how much time and manpower you would need if you had to create a completely different web presence for every country. Invest your resources in a consistent web presence instead. This will make you trustworthy and credible in the eyes of your customers and employees. Knowledge gained in the course of the rollout can then be applied to the rest of the rollout process.


2. Contact persons for different countries and practicable templates

Before you start your project, establish your contact partners in the other countries involved. Your contact partners will support you in adapting factors to the individual countries and coordinate the necessary information with you. It is often the varying information and translations from country to country which cause a bottleneck in a rollout. Well-structured and easily understandable templates can be a great help here. Together with the project manager and the content management agency, you develop simple templates, which can be used by in the individual countries as a basis for translation and which can be used directly on the websites. This enables editors to put foreign language texts onto the site without problems.


3. Creating a master website

In order to ensure a smooth and fast rollout, it is important to create a master website. Depending on the scope and requirements, this can be done in the local language or in English. Using the master website, tests can be carried out with internal marketeers and selected clients, and any problems, inconsistencies or new client requirements which come up can then be included in the rollout planning. The technical rollout and implementation process starts only when the project team and those responsible in the individual countries have been named. Content and operating modes can then be adapted to the specific country or language requirements, a process which will considerably reduce your technical rollout costs.


4. The role of professional content managers

Professional content managers are specially schooled in the new content management system and help to process the content. By using a professional editorial team, content and translations can be included quickly and easily. Localized wishes and adaptations can be discussed and planned at the outset, thus keeping the need for later corrections to a minimum. Very often, different cultures require different picture material, which means that some items may have to be replaced.



5. Checks using targeted web analyses

Using web analyses for the individual websites directly after the rollout can help to analyze and optimize user behavior. Possible usability barriers or problems in the customer journey in the individual countries can be rectified. Targeted analyses can check whether the website fulfills its predefined goals.


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