The 3 most important success factors in content marketing

Content marketing is an important component of  online marketing. Several factors are important for successful content marketing. We will show you the 3 most important success factors for good, targeted content marketing.

So what ist content marketing?

In contrast to marketing with purely commercial content, content marketing aims to give the user added value by providing relevant content for its target audience. Content must provide valuable, additional and current information about the product in question. Wording and subject matter of content marketing is based on that of the trade press, advisory and entertainment publications. In the B2B branch, a company can position itself as an expert by imparting its know-how in target-group-specific channels and thus interact with its target customers. For this purpose, high quality content such as whitepapers, webinars, case studies or e-books are suitable.

The 3 most important success factors in content marketing

The 3 most important success factors in content marketing are:

The content must contain thematically suitable keywords, be designed so that it is easily found by search engines and be positioned on landing pages.

1.    Keywords

When preparing relevant content, it is imperative to use specific keywords relating to products and services. A useful tool for this is Google’s Keywords Planner, which can be supplemented by the free tool Google Trends. If you are registered on Google AdWords, you can use both of these tools to find suitable keywords and their search volume. You can also select longtail keywords relating to specific branches. These are longer word combinations which relate to niche markets and have a smaller search volume, but are more likely to lead to a conversion. This is particularly relevant for B2B companies, as they tend to be focused on smaller niche target markets and integrate more technical terms in their content.

2.    Preparing SEO-content

With the help of experienced SEO texters, content can be optimized to search engine requirements. This ensures a good Google ranking, which in turn means interaction with customers in the form of conversions, leads and enquiries. An experienced SEO texter analyzes his own website and those of competitors, promotes the uniqueness of its content by using suitable keywords and uses analyses for semantic optimization. The texter uses expedient titles and picture descriptions and skillfully places links.

3.    Creating landing pages

Landing pages should be created to suit individual campaigns, applications or products. The user should be able to reach them by clicking on a search machine entry, an advert or a link generated by e-mail. The landing page focuses on the offer and should contain the information required by the user. As the aim is to achieve maximum conversion, the page should also include interactive elements, for example links to a web shop or contact forms. These pages must, therefore, be regularly tested and updated.

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