Transforming global data management in industrial manufacturing

Empowering global operations through streamlined data management processes. 


Our client is an international titan in the industrial manufacturing sector. Like many large-scale companies, they grappled with the challenge of managing data across their vast operations. With operations spread across numerous countries and a substantial volume of data to process, they needed expert advice on managing data sources, overseeing content, handling technical datasheets, and strategizing asset allocation.

The goal was simple but ambitious: to transform the data management strategy across 15 key operating countries. The project scope was expansive, encompassing everything from data collection to strategizing the application, particularly in marketing, content management, and asset management areas. The aim was to streamline processes and create a strategy that made data not only accessible but also usable in everyday work routines.


The team faced several challenges:

  • Diverse Data Sources: Managing data originating from a variety of sources across numerous countries was a complex task.
  • Content Management: With a broad array of content to oversee across different regions, a streamlined and efficient strategy was essential.
  • Technical Datasheets: Strategizing the handling and accessibility of a large volume of technical datasheets posed a significant challenge.

These hurdles complicated daily operations and hindered effective decision-making. Our task was to guide the client in overcoming these challenges, enhancing their efficiency through superior data management practices.

    The Solution

    To address the client’s needs, our team devised an effective strategy:

    • Robust Project Management: Acknowledging the intricate and wide-ranging nature of the client’s requirements, we took the lead in project management. We coordinated all tasks, ensuring the project adhered to the schedule and met the desired outcomes.
    • Data Organization Strategy: Given the vast amount of data involved in the client’s operations, we helped devise a process to enhance accessibility and manage the quality of data. Our strategy ensured the client could efficiently use the plethora of technical datasheets and resources at their disposal.
    • Strategic Rollout Guidance: We provided guidance for the rollout process, integrating all aspects of the client’s operations. Our strategic advice ensured the seamless transition and operation of the project, contributing to the overall success and client’s satisfaction.
    • Continuous Oversight Strategy: Beyond the initial setup, we recommended an approach for ongoing supervision of data quality. Our advice included regular audits and checks to ensure the data remained consistent, accurate, and effective in fulfilling the client’s needs.

    Through this approach, we aimed to transform the client’s use of data in their daily operations, improving efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

    Key Accomplishments 

    Our project management solution led to several notable benefits for the client:

    1. Efficient Project Rollout

    As project management leaders, we ensured the smooth rollout of their new data strategy. This allowed the client to focus on their core business functions, while we handled the intricate details of the rollout.

    3. Increased Productivity

    Through our strategic guidance for the rollout and ongoing management, we reduced the time the client’s team spent on data-related tasks. This increase in productivity allowed the team to focus more on strategic and high-impact activities.

    2. Improved Data Management

    Our strategic advice on data organization led to the client managing and accessing their data more effectively. This efficiency facilitated better decision-making and enhanced business performance.

    4. Sustained Quality Control 

    We advised on strategies for continuous data quality control, ensuring the client’s data remained reliable and beneficial to their business operations.

    5. Scalability and Flexibility

    Given our approach to project management, the client is well-positioned to extend the benefits of the new data management strategy to additional countries in the future, enhancing the overall value and utility of the project.

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