BONDERITE®’s Global Journey: Amplifying Henkel’s Brand through an Organic B2B Campaign

The success story of an emotion-provoking, organic B2B campaign.


Henkel, a global leader with a well-diversified portfolio, is reputed for its breakthrough innovations in the adhesive technologies sector, alongside its dominance in the Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care businesses. Despite an illustrious history spanning over 140 years, the brand found itself grappling with a decline in brand engagement and a disjointed brand narrative. This prompted the team at Henkel to reach out to YUNAVA for guidance. The YUNAVA team then collaborated with Henkel to conceptualize and carry out the campaign: “BONDERITE goes around the world!“. The campaign involved a BONDERITE®-treated chair’s global journey across iconic landmarks and production lines, demonstrating product applications and collecting customer testimonials, providing a real-world, interactive brand experience.

The campaign went on to win a MarCom award, which is an international competition recognizing excellence in marketing and communication, celebrated for its high standards in honoring the creativity and hard work of industry professionals.

Ambitions & Challenges

Henkel faced several challenges that impeded its journey towards amplified brand visibility and heightened customer engagement:

  1. Emotional Engagement: Captivating customers’ emotions was a major hurdle, impacting Henkel’s ability to maintain customer interest in their brand and solutions.
  2. Brand Awareness: Henkel had fallen behind in brand marketing efforts over recent years, resulting in diminished brand recognition.
  3. Consistent Brand Communication: Henkel was missing a unique identifier that could be consistently represented across their various communication channels.
  4. Unified Narrative: Henkel needed to unify diverse story types into a cohesive narrative, encompassing expert talks, customer stories, podcasts, and more.

The Solution

The YUNAVA team put together a detailed, strategic solution to these challenges. A comprehensive content plan was laid out, marking the campaign’s roadmap and framing the narrative structure. At the core of this solution was a high level of project management. YUNAVA coordinated with multiple agencies, outlined the campaign structure, and brought the campaign concept to life.

A dedicated designer was meticulously selected to design the BONDERITE® chair, a physical representation of Henkel’s commitment to innovation and quality. The YUNAVA team supervised this process, ensuring the chair truly embodied Henkel’s ethos.

The YUNAVA team didn’t just stop at creating the BONDERITE® chair, we embarked on an adventurous expedition. Masterminding the logistics, our team orchestrated the chair’s epic voyage across the globe. The journey unfolded into a visual storyboard of compelling content that traced the chair’s story. With the exception of videos, every snapshot and moment was a product of our in-house creatives, furthering the organic spirit of the campaign.

YUNAVA empowered Henkel’s robust global sales force by providing targeted marketing content and story packages. Rather than pursuing traditional marketing techniques like Google ads or other paid channels, the campaign tapped into Henkel’s internal resources. This organic campaign, a testament to the potential of internal resources, increased not only results in marketing but also in sales.

Stories/Articles Published

Webpage Visits

WeChat Impressions

Social Post Impressions

Key Accomplishments 

The “BONDERITE goes around the world!” campaign wasn’t just about taking a decorated chair on a journey, it was about crafting a movement, an experience that culminated in an illustrious MarCom Award win. Here are the notable triumphs that have defined this remarkable journey: 


  1. Illuminating the Brand: Henkel’s brand found its way into the spotlight, glowing brighter than ever. Henkel increased visibility drastically, reflected in over 130,000 social post impressions and a reach exceeding 15,000 on WeChat.
  2. Catalyzing Growth: The innovative campaign was like a magnetic force, pulling in fresh business opportunities and attracting a new wave of clientele from both Sales and Marketing.
  3. Crafting Consistency: The BONDERITE® chair, a symbol of unity, intricately wove together diverse narratives, leading to a seamless brand communication that reverberated across the globe.
  4. Asserting Leadership: The campaign further cemented Henkel’s position in the industry as a pioneer in adhesive technology.
  5. Inspiring Unity: The campaign sparked a flame of camaraderie within Henkel, igniting teams across the globe to share compelling, captivating stories.
  6. Cross-Selling Opportunities: By showcasing the full spectrum of Henkel’s expertise, the campaign opened new avenues for cross-selling.
  7. Enhanced Engagement: With the creation of 30 stories and 19 articles on sustainable solutions, along with over 6,000 website page views, the campaign fostered deeper engagement with customers and prospects.

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